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PriMMed is helping patients achieve healthy lifestyles through comprehensive treatment models that provides patients with individualized management plans with spectrum of treatment components.
PriMMed, Southern Nevada Pain Specialists, Dr. Pouya Mohajer, Dr. Franco Lee, Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada
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SNPS is Now PriMMed


SNPS is Now PriMMed

We wanted to let patient whom we’ve served for years, as well as anyone considering having us help them with pain management and treatment, know that we’ve made some changes with the arrival of the New Year that we wanted to share.

Our first big change, and the one that most profoundly affects those we treat, is our relocation to a brand new office building to house our Southwest Las Vegas practice. Our new location will enable us to continue to hit our goals of never stopping improving about ability to remove pain from the lives of our patients. We hold ourselves to impossibly high standards, and the result is impactful care delivered with compassion.

The new office building, located at 5741 S. Ft. Apache Road, is bigger, brighter and includes new treatment amenities and technologies. All of these changes elevate our already world-class ability to provide those we care for with the best experience possible to those in Southern Nevada.

Next, we’ve changed our name from Southern Nevada Pain Specialists, to PriMMed, this change, too is indicative of our comprehensive effort to provide better care for our patients who suffer from long-term challenges with pain.

PriMMed offers those we treat with a multidisciplinary approach in order to achieve meaningful result. The National Institute of Health claims that 40 million Americans are still unable to find relief from their chronic pain, and it’s our never-ending mission to do everything possible to help those in need.

From the medical team of Pouya Mohajer, M.D., Franco M. Lee, MD and Patricia Ganja, PA-C, to all of our support staff and clinicians, we look forward to serving your needs in our new facility and under our new name.

PriMMed is dedicated to helping patients achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our advanced pain physicians will tailor a comprehensive treatment model that provides each patient with an individualized management plan that includes a spectrum of treatment components.

Learn more by calling 702-798-0111.

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