PriMMed | Meet PriMMed Nurse Claudine Cruz, APRN
PriMMed is helping patients achieve healthy lifestyles through comprehensive treatment models that provides patients with individualized management plans with spectrum of treatment components.
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Meet PriMMed Nurse Claudine Cruz, APRN

Meet PriMMed Nurse Claudine Cruz, APRN

PriMMed is our new name, and our new pain management clinic in Southwest Las Vegas is now open and helping us better serve our patients. With the changes, we wanted to reintroduce some of the clinic team members responsible for our patient’s well being while under our care.

Claudine Cruz is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) for PriMMed and assists the practice’s physicians by helping with initial patient assessments, while formulating treatment plans.

“Initial patient assessments are a critical element of our work and I’m proud that those efforts are part of my contribution to patient care at PriMMed,” said Claudine Cruz. “Our new practice location has been a real benefit to my ability to both assess patients, while working through planning of treatment with our physicians and PA team.”

PriMMed helps patients achieve healthy lifestyles through tailored, comprehensive treatment models paired with a multidisciplinary approach that achieves meaningful results for treating pain one patient at a time. An important part of this equation comes from follow up care planning and tracking patient treatment programs, both of which are responsibilities for Claudine.

“Patients under our care at PriMMed can count on thorough follow up care planning and tracking of their progress during treatment,” said Cruz. “Patients we work with, who’ve been elsewhere note the difference in our approach, and greatly appreciate the improved level of care and results our team delivers.”

Claudine Cruz graduated with honors from University Of Nevada School Of Medicine in 2016.

PriMMed (formerly Southern Nevada Pain Specialists) helps patients achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our advanced pain physicians tailor a comprehensive treatment model that provides each patient with an individualized management plan with a spectrum of treatment components. Call us at 702-798-0111 to learn more

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