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PriMMed is helping patients achieve healthy lifestyles through comprehensive treatment models that provides patients with individualized management plans with spectrum of treatment components.
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What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your insurance card, photo ID, copayment, medical records, and any radiology imaging you have had done (such as x-rays, CT, MRI). If possible, please print and fill out our new patient packet which is available on our website.
Will I need to fill out paperwork at every appointment?

You will need to fill out a new patient packet for your first appointment only. However, you may be asked to update information at subsequent appointments or complete progress questionnaires.
Can I be seen at any of the three locations?

Patients are encouraged to continue care at the same location during their care, but if it is more convenient for the patient to move to a different location, accommodations can be made.
What are the office hours of each location?

Southern Hills Location (9280 West Sunset Road): We are open M-F 8am to 7pm and some Saturdays.
Can I have my co-payment billed to me?

Copayment is due at the time of service.
Will I see my physician at every appointment?

At Southern Nevada Pain Specialist, we implement a team approach to patient care. During your initial consult, you will see one of our physicians. However, at subsequent appointments you may be seen by a physician, physician assistant, or a nurse practitioner based on your plan of care which is evaluated after every visit.
Is my insurance accepted?

Although insurance verifications are routinely done, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to check with their insurance to verify coverage. You may also view the list of accepted insurance carriers above.
What is the cancellation policy if I’m late or miss an appointment?

To provide the best care for our patients, we ask that you please provide 24 hour notice upon cancellation. If you will be late for an appointment, please call the office. Schedule permitting, you may be asked to wait or reschedule to a later appointment. Please note that late cancellations and/or no shows are subject to a fee.
Can I get the new patient paperwork online?

Yes, we have all our patient paperwork on our website .
Do I need to see my doctor to have my prescription refilled?

Some medications legally require being seen for a refill. Your physician will discuss this with you when they initially prescribe the medication. If your medication allows for refills without an appointment, you must call to request a refill 3-5 business days in advance to have your request processed.
What are the office hours of each location?

Only Southern Hills location is listed.
Will I see my physician at every appointment? Southern Nevada Pain Specialists
What do I need to do to prepare for a procedure or injection?

Instructions are given to the patient upon scheduling the procedure in the office or over the phone.
How many office visits will I need after my procedure?

Every patient will have at least one follow up after the procedure. It will then be decided on a patient by patient basis.
Do I need to stop taking my usual medications?

Regular medications may be taken on a normal schedule prior to a procedure. If you are on any blood thinners, the physician will give you the appropriate instructions on when or if to stop.
Do I need someone to drive me or can I drive myself home?

You must bring a driver to your procedure appointment.
How much time do I need to recover?

Every patient and procedure is different. For many, you may continue your normal routine the day after the procedure.

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