PriMMed | Pain Treatment in Southern Nevada
PriMMed is helping patients achieve healthy lifestyles through comprehensive treatment models that provides patients with individualized management plans with spectrum of treatment components.
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PriMMed helps patients achieve healthy lifestyles through tailored, comprehensive treatment models.


Our multidisciplinary approach achieves meaningful results for treating pain one patient at a time.


Our physicians have extensive experience helping countless patients who've reported great success.


We understand the complexity of treating pain and everyone we treat is given compassionate care.

Ready to find a long-term, intelligent solution for your pain?


Secondary only to the common cold, back pain is one of the important reasons people visit their doctor.


PriMMEd takes a detailed and customized approach toward back pain for every patient, which may include invasive procedures, medication, and alternative therapies like physical therapy or occupational therapy

PRIMMED treats back pain



Many pain conditions are treated with opioid medication; one of the most addictive drug compounds on the market. PriMMed follows a multimodal approach by offering alternative therapies in order to alleviate pain and thus reduce overall opioid intake and ultimately stop taking opioids.


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Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy generally affects the hands or feet and can be secondary to diabetes. The pain is usually burning or tingling in nature, and usually comes on gradually, worsening with time. There are many treatments for peripheral neuropathy at PriMMed, and the experienced pain management specialists will work to determine which combination of treatments will be most effective for each patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring your insurance card, photo ID, copayment, medical records, and any radiology imaging you have had done (such as x-rays, CT, MRI). If possible, please print and fill out our new patient packet which is available on our website.

Patients are encouraged to continue care at the same location during their care, but if it is more convenient for the patient to move to a different location, accommodations can be made.

At PriMMed, we implement a team approach to patient care. During your initial consult, you will see one of our physicians. However, at subsequent appointments you may be seen by a physician, physician assistant, or a nurse practitioner based on your plan of care which is evaluated after every visit.

You must bring a driver to your procedure appointment.